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Welcome to Research MaestroTM

Research Maestro provides best-In-class productivity tools to accelerate the process of creating modern Research products, allowing your firm to hit the street before the competition.


Productivity Accelerators

Research Maestro is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools targeted at Research editors and analysts. We help our clients become more productive by simplifying the process of quickly authoring rich compliant research reports and marketing material. Our solutions are created by professionals who have worked in the field and understand your needs and limitations.

A Cost Effective Software-As-A-Service Model (SAAS)

Our tools are delivered to the desktop on-demand via a web browser. User access to the site is granted by establishing an annual commitment with a monthly access charge. You pay monthly or quarterly for what you use and no more, similar to your electric utility bill. And if you want to decrease or add users, simply use the administration tool and we’ll adjust your monthly rate accordingly.

A Modern Cloud Based Solution

All our solutions are hosted in triple redundant data centers within Microsoft's Azure Cloud. This provides our clients with the security of high availability with automatic failover to any of three separate instances located within Microsoft's facilities, providing high levels of uptime. Although other vendors may offer SASS solutions … application hosting is commonly done within their own company networks, with all the reliability and maintenance problems resting on the shoulders of a few IT folks. Within the Azure Cloud, Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar data center investments offer you peace of mind that your tools will be available when you need them.

Dedicated Client Support

Research Maestro knows your business, its inherent time constraints and reliability demands. Thus, we provide knowledgeable support through a dedicated accountable point contact representative . On-Line “how to” demos are also available for new or rusty users, providing quick answers to common user tasks.

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